La Palabrita text & design (engl. translation: „the little word“)
is a translation and communication agency.
Creative head and owner is Britta E.-Diouf.
Translator. Script writer. Photographer. Conceptioner. Visionary.

How everything began……

Equipped with only a laptop and notebook, the trilingual accredited translator and freelance writer Britta E.-Diouf set off for her ten years journey across Spain.

While travelling from the Canary Islands to Andalusia and through to Barcelona, she consistently impressed as a ghostwriter, realizing a number of extensive projects, while also offering her services as a freelance teacher, copy editor and translator.

In 2008, already residing in Barcelona for some years, she decided to provide a multi-lingual platform and established  La Palabrita text & design.

Based in the heart of the German Ruhr area, La Palabrita has become the first address for creative and concise texts as well as premium quality translations in many languages.

Britta translates and writes advertising texts. She designs creative concepts for institutions, startups and companies, connecting her passion as a dramaturge with photography.