Creative communication

Commercial texts / Slogans / Claims

The perfect commercial text features a convincing argument – the right words!
A creative, witty, and interesting tagline will make your target audience able to relate to your concepts or products.
I provide the perfect slogan for your product which will stand out thanks to one thing: Effectiveness!
The most adecuate slogan for you!

Search engine optimization (SEO-texts)

Search engine optimized texts are one of the crucial keys for success!
However, apart from Google & Co, these texts, known in professional jargon SEO-texts, are also supposed to attract the interest of the website’s visitor. I therefore place great value on creating texts that combine inspiring expression with eloquent quality and the desired search engine optimization.
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Besides the dramaturgical and conceptional development of documentaries, I also create and revise exposés, treatments, and scripts for productions in the small and large commercial sector, for short films, explainer video, music videos and other dramaturgical constructs. I´ll also be glad to help to develop your story.
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As a ghostwriter I get into the spirit of my client’s lingo and personality. Basically, it all comes down to my intellectual empathy, as it is the individual expression of the client which has to be put down on paper and never mine. Irrespective of the medium: Books, press releases, speeches or interviews – I put your thoughts into writing.
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Mailings / Sales letters

A copywriter´s goal is the creation of appealing and eye-catching mailings that help you attract new customers and accordingly boosting your profits. Before I start composing mailings and sales, my first step is to comprehensively analyse and define the target group. Only by doing this can I ensure to create mailings and sales letters that will address the specific needs and interests of your potential clients. Mailings and sales letters are diectly linked to the development of the concept.
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Song lyrics

I am a passionate songwriter and compose lyrics for musicians and bands, music producers and productions.
Lyrics to your song!