Advertising / Marketing

When it comes to the translation of commercial texts, it´s not about the exact literal interpretation of the message: Rather, the text is supposed to reflect the statements and intentions of the author.
I put special emphasis on the ideal adaptation to the target group and country to be addressed by creating a translation, which is perfect in both, professional and stylistic terms.
We are a team of translators, localization experts and copywriters and will always find the right words for you and pave your way to success in international markets.
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Technical and other professional translations

Only my professional translators, who are specialized in particular fields of expertise in their native language and possess a profound knowledge of industries and business sectors, work on your technical texts. It goes without saying that they have a perfect command of the terminology required for the translation.
I use the translation tool TRADOS, which enables me to provide you with translations that are homogenous with regards to both vocabulary and linguistic style.
Instructions in various languages:

Legal texts / Certificates

When it comes to the translation of a legal text, it is of utmost importance that the translator holds the relevant qualifications. Of course, I engage only native-speaking, professional translators who possess an appropriate qualifications and relevant jurisprudential expertise.
Translations to be submitted to the public authorities or official departments often require the translation and certification of a sworn translator. I can draw from a broad international network of sworn translators, who translate your documents quickly and reliably.
Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.
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Script translations

The translation of a script is made up of several parts. In a first step I create the rough translation of the original dialogues.
This rough translation is followed by the actual conversion into the required target language. Here, it is essential to carry out thorough research with regard to the phrases and language hints given in the source text so as to ensure the accurate translation into the target language.
As script translator I know what it comes down to in terms of creating the rough translation and can therefore contribute to the success of the movie in the target language.
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The translation of a literary text is rather related to linguistic art than trade.
Only a perfect interpretation ensures the exact transmission of the phrasing and intention used by the original author.
I translate plays, audio books, poetry and fiction.
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The transcription and thus the scripting of conversations and interviews, as well as the translation of contents taken from film material into a written form, is better left to experts.
I provide you with a team specialized in the transcription of video and audio material.
If required, they will also provide you as well with a copy including a time code, enabling you to cut a foreign-language film at the exact scene and accurately fade in subtitles.
The transcription of your audio material: 


Together with my localization experts, I translate your websites, database, software or technical documentations into the desired target language and thereby consider both colloquial usage and nomenclature of the respective language area. Forms and database files are adapted, while dimensions, weights and pricings are converted .
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In addition to classic proofreading services, I also offer the adaptation of your texts in terms of the style, contextual consistence and comprehensibility.
I put to paper exactly what it is that you want to say.
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Express translations

I am always glad to assist you and produce an express-translation within 24 hours.
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